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We look forward to being of service to you and wish you many happy hours of reading pleasure.

Welcome to Real History Books.

We are a specialist bookseller with a focus on military history and specialise in World War Two in particular. The bookshop is run by a UK Forces veteran who has a passion for military history whose hobby of military history developed into a business as he realised that there really was a lack of quality resources for those looking for the more interesting and perhaps unusual titles.

We look for the specialist author who was perhaps a veteran in the campaign being described or someone who has done extensive research in their field and produced a book with detailed insight in their particular field of writing.

We have a large number of books that are out of print and unavailable elsewhere and we also look for other books printed in other languages.

There are many authors who are unwilling to see their books published in English and we seek out those which we feel would be of interest to you the Reader even if you do not understand the language. It could be they have photographs/illustrations unseen elsewhere or the text is perhaps easy to understand.
Many of these foreign language books are not listed on the likes of Amazon and the other mass market sellers.

We fulfill a niche that others do not.

We are specialists in sourcing books that others can not. We sometimes even hold stocks of books that the authors themselves are no longer able to sell. Have a look at the David Irving section where you will find mint autographed copies of Churchills War Volume 1 and the Goebbels biography that not even Mr Irving has for sale on his website !!!!

Because we are a small online family owned and operated business we care about the attention to detail we give to our customers. We are not like the large book warehouses who employ people on minimum wage who care nought for your satisfaction. If we don’t have happy customers we can’t pay our Mortgage, so you see we are committed to your satisfaction.

We do not have the overheads of a large High Street store so we can offer you competitive prices and because your dealing with someone whose business has developed from the love of his hobby rather than someone merely out to maximise the return on their investment you can be confident that your getting the best service.

Unfortunatly Royal Mail have again increased their shipping rates and there is not a lot we can do about this. If we use a private courier service then the chances are they will call whilst you are out and you will have to drive quite a few miles to their depot to collect the items, which is not very convenient for you. Due to the amount of packets that are claimed going missing in ordinary mail we now only ship Recorded Delivery for UK Domestic orders. So if your employer allows it we would recommend having your package sent there so that you receive it with the least possible delay, However you can still have your order shipped to your home address.

We look forward to being of service to you and wish you many happy hours of reading pleasure.

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