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Blackshirts on-Sea

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Blackshirts on-Sea: A History of the Mosley Summer Camps, 1933-1938

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The chance discovery of an old photographic album was the inspiration behind this fascinating pictorial record of a long-forgotten aspect of British social history. The album contained “snap shots” taken at Summer Camps held in West Sussex during the 1930s. But these were holiday makers with a difference. The happy campers were all British Blackshirts; followers of Mosley’s British Union of Fascists who were so very active during that turbulent decade. Surprisingly there appears to be no shortage of adherents of that “ultimate creed of political incorrectness” at the Blackshirt Summer Camps. Up to 1,400 could be found under canvas at any one time, enjoying the pleasures of sun, sea, sand and Sussex.

There is of course plenty of text describing the personalities attending the camps such as Geoffrey Dorman, who was Assistant Editor of The Aeroplane, Jorian Jenks who was one of the founders of The Soil Association, Frank Cork, Captain Donovan and the lady of suffragette fame, Nora Elam. A further section deals with some of the post war camps which were of a similar nature.

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