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Churchill’s War: The Struggle for Power: Vol.1




This book is characterized by its wealth of research, much of it original. Irving spares no one’s feelings or reputation but exhibits no gratuitous ill will or bias. A thoroughly serious work, of interest to anyone who REALLY wants to know how the Second World War came about, and about Churchill’s role in herding Britain’s leaders and people into it; along with his powerful influence in bringing America and the then British Empire in too.

The reader is left to speculate as to whether Churchill almost single-handedly changed history by dint of his unique oratory and personality, or whether better things may have happened to Western civilization had Churchill not existed.
Was Churchill a self-seeking, brutal warmonger, a conceited liar indifferent to causing the death of millions ? Or a great statesman, a pragmatist who saved the West from worse ?

A very thought-provoking and disturbing study, this book will educate you on many little-known facts and sound evaluations on which to base your verdict.

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