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Film Posters of the Third Reich


Limited edition of 1,000 copies due to restricted reproduction rights, which is destined to be a collectors item!



Films produced by Nazi Germany remain one of the great taboos of modern times. As one prominent film historian put it, these films are the unreconciled legacies of the Third Reich. Of the 1,094 German feature films produced between 1933-1945 fewer than ten percent are today available on DVD or VHS commercially- mostly innocuous comedies, musicals, and entertainment films produced to provide escapism to the German population during the six years of war. Students of film history today cannot access Third Reich films and these motion pictures remain an enigma to all but the most persistent collectors and students. Even rarer than the films themselves are the original posters which heralded the films in cinemas across Greater Germany before and during World War Two. Most posters were simply discarded after the film’s run or later destroyed in the firestorms caused by Allied bombings or Red Army occupation.

If the posters survived the war, they were often burned as propaganda, perhaps as fuel, or left to rot. Today, those remaining copies are hidden away in national archives, as inaccessible as the films they represent — an uncomfortable remnant of a terrible era. This book is the first-ever to reproduce in full color over 50 posters which are the rarest of the rare – those designed to promote the most infamous and notorious propaganda films produced by Dr Goebbels. Many of these posters have never been reproduced in color after 1945 until now, and many are the only examples known to exist. They are drawn from the private collections of the two authors after forty years of collecting. The book also provides first-time English translations of articles about film posters, design, censorship and promotion from the official Reich Film Chamber’s own publication, Der Deutsche Film (1936-1943) and allows the reader to understand how film was promoted throughout the Third Reich in a cinema empire across occupied Europe that by 1943 eclipsed that of Hollywood. This book is the standard reference work on Third Reich film posters.

Limited edition of 1,000 copies due to restricted reproduction rights, which is destined to be a collectors item!

Hinter den Kulissen des Reichsparteitags Film (Behind the Scenes of the National Party Convention Film) Book , a book of text plus numerous photographs, was published in March, 1935, to coincide with the Berlin premiere of Leni Riefenstahl’s Triumph of the Will. Riefenstahl, after 1945, distanced herself from the book, claiming she had never seen it until after publication. Here is an exact reproduction of the original, word-for-word, image-for-image, perfectly replicating the original layout of a book which most persons have never seen. Now for the first time in English, with a scholarly foreword by Professor David Culbert, who did the translation. Hundreds of photographs, including iconic images from the most famous propaganda film ever made.

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