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Hitler’s Revolution





Liberal democracy’s deadliest enemy, Adolf Hitler transformed Germany into an authoritarian, socialist state advocating sovereignty of nations, advancement of labour, preservation of the white race, and commerce based on exchange of wares to replace the international gold standard. Becoming Chancellor in 1933, he tackled his country’s bankruptcy, massive unemployment, Communist subversion and foreign domination. His social economic programmes and diplomacy restored German prosperity and independence in three years, despite determined opposition from Western democratic leaders. Penetrating the shroud of vilification draping this controversial figure, our study draws on German sources, many from the National Socialist era, to describe not just what Hitler did, but why. It also reveals democracy’s genuine war aims, a taboo subject for historians, in the ensuing global conflict that destroyed the German revolution. Challenging the status quo version of the period, here is the book for the student of history who senses something is missing – and seeks the answers.

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