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Mosley’s Men In Black


Uniforms, Flags and Insignia of the British Union of Fascists 1932-1940 & Union Movement – HARDBACK

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“This is THE reference book for all things related to the Pre War British Union of Fascists and post war Union Movment. Profusly illustrated on every page with many of the images in FULL COLOUR. Uniforms, flags and Insignia are all coverd in this the most comprehensive book on the topic.

Published in 2004 we have the last remaining stock of this title which has become a collectors item. It had a limited print run of 500 copies so it is extremely rare.
AS AN ADDED BONUS we include FREE OF CHARGE the 2014 ADDENDUM of 25 pages with corrections to the original and new information that came to light as a result of the publication of the original book. This itself is rare and can be found on E bay now and again selling for £15 second hand.


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