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Reinhard HEYDRICH: Reichsprotector Nine months in Prague – Real History Books
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Reinhard HEYDRICH: Reichsprotector Nine months in Prague


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New 300 page paperback. Contains an interview with his son Heider Heydrich and copies of photographs and personal letters written by his Father, kindly given by the family to be shown within this book.

Since his assassination in June 1942, the former Reich Protector, Chief of the Secret State Police and Security Service has been responsible for every outrage. In the so-called war crimes trials, the defendants blamed him for everything and anything. The man could not fight back.

The English Investigative Journalist Tina Walford has investigated these supposed accusations. She has tried in her book to understand the man and the work of this man.

She found that Heydrich, formerly an outstanding young officer of the Imperial Navy, was visually a counterpoint to many of the greats of the Third Reich. Slim, blond and athletic, he was one of the best swordsmen in Germany, at the same time he was a highly talented cello player. After the outbreak of war, he was without the knowledge of the Supreme Command, a Pilot on the Eastern Front, while leading an orderly family life. Professionally, he was considered extremely competent and pragmatic, decisive and absolutely reliable.

Until his appointment as incumbent Reichsprotektor in September 1941, Heydrich was always in the shadow of his employer Heinrich Himmler. Photos from that time show him in the second and third row: attentive, watching and waiting. With his new role he entered the limelight of the public; not least because in just a few months, he pacified the protectorate in his own way. Supporters of the Benes regime, known as troublemakers and resisters, were quickly withdrawn from circulation in a variety of ways.

Quite different was the Czech working class, which was indispensable for the economy of the Reich. Heydrich managed in a few weeks to reconcile the Czech workers and win them over. This is one of the causes of his murder by hired British secret agents.

The author has made extensive trips to the sites of Heydrich’s activities for this brilliantly written biography. She spoke to surviving contemporary witnesses in Prague and Germany, conducted historical fieldwork and has viewed and interpreted hitherto unpublished British secret documents as well as private records of Heydrich. Due to her extensive research, she draws a completely new picture of this mysterious man.

English journalists in their literary works are often said to have a pronounced narrative talent combined with a striking profession. This biography is an eloquent example of brilliant historiography without ifs and buts.


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