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Stalin’s War of Extermination – Real History Books
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Stalin’s War of Extermination

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This book describes in detail the desperate attempt of the German Army to prevent Stalin’s plan for a World Revolution by conquering Europe in a war of extermination.The breakthrough bestseller by a German academic (and longtime researcher with the German military archives) that documented Stalin’s murderous war against the German army and the German people to today’s German public. Based on the late Joachim Hoffmann’s lifelong study of German and Russian military records, “”Stalin’s War of Extermination”” not only reveals as never before the Red Army’s grisly record of atrocities against soldiers and civilians, but establishes beyond doubt that torture, murder, and rape of the captive and the helpless was official Soviet policy, as ordered by Comrade J.V. Stalin. An indispensable book for all students of World War II as it actually happened, as well as a revisionist classic that has shaken anti-German propagandists to the marrow. It shows exactly why Hitler was compelled to launch Operation Barbarossa in defence of Europe civilisation.


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