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U.S. Army Insignia


Patches, Flashes and Ovals



U.S. Army Patches, Flashes and Ovals: An Illustrated Encyclopedia of Cloth Unit Insignia

This is the most comprehensive account of the history of US military patches there is from World War 1 to the present day.

With the history and illustration of over 3,600 patches this is truly a one stop shop for anyone trying to identify US Army insignia from an old photograph or a new addition to their collection. Barry Stein has gathered officially approved patches from both active and inactive units, patches approved for local wear, as well as many unauthorized patches. The book, with its sharp, vivid, photos takes a snapshot profile of each unit.

For historians , volumes like this are extremely useful. Anyone doing any serious research on the US Army during the 20th Century needs this volume. It not only contains the artwork for more patches than one ever imagined the Army had, it also has potted histories of the units. While these are not detailed, there’s enough information there to help point you in the right direction to gather more from other sources. The author did a tremendously fine job on this volume.

“Author Barry J. Stein’s U.S. ARMY PATCHES, FLASHES, AND OVALS: AN ILLUSTRATED ENCYCLOPEDIA OF CLOTH UNIT INSIGNIA is an exhaustive work that does an outstanding job of both describing and illustrating over 3,600 U.S. Army patches, flashes and ovals. Further, he provides enough information on the unit’s history to give the reader a good starting point if they want more information. This book should be on the shelf of any serious collector as well as a mandatory book in the reference section of every library in this country. It is well worth the price.”

Lt. Colonel Robert A. Lynn, Florida Guard
Orlando, Florida

HARDBACK: 584 pages
27cm x 32cm
Weighs in at 5.6lbs

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